Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) – Charging Facilities

Tool for assessing best locations for charging facilites for private and public Battery Electric Vehicle based on multiple attractors. Case study […]

UP Molinette – Città della Salute: the Outputs!

Here are available the outputs of the WORKSHOP on the Interactive Visualisation Tool – InViTo applied to build the Evaluation Maps to be […]

UP Molinette – Città della Salute

WORKSHOP The Interactive Visualisation Tool – InViTo for building the Evaluation Maps to be used in Geodesign Hub. 15.03.2017 Politecnico […]

Trasformazioni Urbane – Torino

The research project Trasformazioni Urbane illustrates the projects of physical improvement, social and economic support, and urban regeneration which changed the […]

T.A.P. (Territori Alpini Piemontesi)

The project T.A.P. (Territori Alpini Piemontesi) aims to generate positive impacts, creating local networks involving the populations of the Alpine areas, […]

Programma Housing – Compagnia di San Paolo

The Housing Programme of the Compagnia di San Paolo was born in November 2006 to respond with innovative projects to […]

Evoluzione dell’economia nei territori della CMT

In an era of strong transformations of the productive sector, the project provides public administartors and entrepreneurs with a tool […]