Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) – Charging Facilities

Tool for assessing best locations for charging facilites for private and public Battery Electric Vehicle based on multiple attractors. Case study […]

COST TU1305 – Social networks and travel behaviour

Analysis of quantitative comparative survey – Spatial aspects of the quantitative survey data. Granada Lisbon

T.A.P. (Territori Alpini Piemontesi)

The project T.A.P. (Territori Alpini Piemontesi) aims to generate positive impacts, creating local networks involving the populations of the Alpine areas, […]

Sinergi – Mirafiori Sud, Torino

A case study on the suitability of Mirafiori Sud neighbourhood in the town of Torino (IT). Evaluation based on the combination of several indicators. The […]

Pampulha – Belo Horizonte

A case study on the suitability of Pamulha neighbourhood in the town of Belo Horizonte (BR). Evaluation based on the combination of several […]

Programma Housing – Compagnia di San Paolo

The Housing Programme of the Compagnia di San Paolo was born in November 2006 to respond with innovative projects to […]

Evoluzione dell’economia nei territori della CMT

In an era of strong transformations of the productive sector, the project provides public administartors and entrepreneurs with a tool […]